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    Please join us in supporting pickleball in the Siouxland area! Your membership fee, along with sale of SPA t-shirts, donations, fundraisers, and more supports the Siouxland Pickleball Association and will include the following:

  1. Pickleball equipment including loaner paddles and balls for training new players; portable ball machine, etc.

  2. Enhancements to pickleball courts area, including benches, tables, display/info board, windscreens

  3. Maintenance and infrastructure upgrades to the courts

  4. Maintenance equipment including storage shed, brooms, squeegies, etc.

  5. Administrative costs of running the SPA by volunteers

  6. Cost to establish and maintain website to keep existing and future pickleball players informed

  7. Marketing efforts in the Siouxland area to schools, churches, businesses, other groups

  8. Coordination and execution of local pickleball tournaments

  9. Sponsorship of events such as pickleball youth clinics, pickleball demonstrations/clinics, and pickleball training and education sessions that will expand pickleball in the community.                                                                                                                                                               Benefits to you personally include the following:

  1. Regular email updates regarding facility access, closures, organized play and equipment available.

  2. Information on events, tournaments, club socials, and community updates

  3. Opportunity to network with a large community of pickleball players in the region with access to our Member Directory (coming soon).

  4. Ability to add your voice and financial support to others who are advocating for upgrades or additions to pickleball facilities.

  5. Reduced registration fees for tournaments sponsored by the SPA

  6. Discounts to attend clinics featuring a professional pickleball player.

  7.  Members with receive a 5% discount on purchases made at The SPA also receives a 5% credit, which allows it to acquire additional equipment.

  8. Enables us to work with city parks and rec departments and community organizations to develop new locations to meet the demand. 

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