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Pickleball Growth Stats!

The entire industry of pickleball continues to experience steady expansion and growth. Take a look at these stats and your eyes will open to the enormous impact this game is ands will have on people around the world.

    • 50 million – the estimated number of people that watched the Pickleball Championship Finals held in the USA

    • 2.8 million – number of pickleball players in the USA alone in 2017

    • 3 million – expected number of players by year end 2018

    • 385% percent: Increase in numbers of places to play pickleball since 2010 (A place to play is defined as just that – a place to play. It can be anything from a gymnasium with pickleball lines to a facility designed specifically for pickleball)

    • 64 percent: Increase in membership in the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) since 2010

by picklemaster|Sep 2, 2018|General News

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